Easy Crockpot Recipes
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Crockpot Soup Recipe Tip

Keep in mind that not much liquid is lost in the Crockpot and the amount of liquid should not be doubled for larger quantities of soup. Also, highly flavorful spices intensify during slow cooking so limit the amount of these.

Crockpot Soup Recipes

Creating soups in a Crockpot can be very easy as there is no need to continually stir and check on the pot. Preparation of Crockpot soup recipes usually require minimal preparation of the meal and then just letting the slow cooking process take it's course. Liquid added for the soup is not lost but the steam that rises is caught and drips back into the soup. This keeps meats soft, seafood tasty, and the liquid for the soup very flavorful. Most soups can be created just as easily in the Crockpot including favorites like clam chowder, chicken tortilla soup, and pasta fagioli soup.

Healthier Crockpot Dessert Recipes

Because the Crockpot does not use any oil to cook any desserts, most recipes become healthier. Instead of sauteing apples or other fruits, slow cooking them allows them to cook while retaining more of their flavor and nutrients. Other healthy desserts can also be created using the Crockpot including a lot with fruit ingredients. The baked apples with peanut butter recipe seems is a very delicious Crockpot dessert that is very easy to create and is a very healthy snack for kids.

Crockpot Soup Recipes List

Beef and Vegetables Clam Chowder Minestrone
Vegetarian Minestrone Bavarian Red Cabbage Roast Potato Soup



Top 3 Dessert Recipes

A healthy snack:
Baked Apples Recipe

A delicous cake for nut lovers:
Banana Cranberry Cake

Satisfy your sweet cravings:
Carrot Cake